Frequently Asked Questions

We want to ensure that you are consistently happy with our service, but as humans, mistakes and unfortunate incidents can occur. Please notify us within 24hrs of your cleaning if you are displeased with the quality of our service. At no additional charge, we will arrange a time to come in and correct any dissatisfaction you may have with the service or take special care to ensure your complete satisfaction on our next scheduled visit. You can also call us on our business line or email us and let us know your concerns, we will be happy to address them.

PLEASE NOTE: For all one-time/first clean jobs, a mandatory quality check with the client is required at the end of the cleaning. Upon completing the quality check, you are required to sign a disclaimer waiving the right for any claim to the above mentioned 24-hr policy and our responsibility towards your property or any concerns with respect to the services provided.

Payments can be made through INTERAC e-transfer, cheque or cash. For all one-time or first clean jobs, in order to book them, payment is required before the cleaning in full. For required payment methods and detailed information, please discuss with the advisor on the day of your estimate.

Credit card payment is available on request with a 3% processing fee.

Dustbusters guarantees that the rate given will not change in the first year of service. If the conditions of your home changes i.e. additional areas or service requested by you, a price or service revision will be necessary. Wage changes by the provincial/federal regulations and other factors such as inflation may also affect price changes. You will be notified of any rate changes 14 days in advance.
We value our employees and are concerned about their safety while in your home. Employees do not move anything that is too heavy to be moved. We try our best to give you quality cleaning and in case of a heavy item that can't be moved, we clean underneath it and try to be as thorough as possible. Employees do not use ladders and will only clean that is within the reach of a step stool. For health and safety reasons, employees do not clean up animal or human feces, urine, blood or vomit. This includes litter boxes and dog kennels. Please notify us within 2 business days prior to scheduled appointment of any infectious diseases that occur in your household. For our employees safety. we ask that all firearms be stored and locked.
When we schedule your appointment, we hold that time out in the day only for your service. If staff is unable to gain access to your home on day of scheduled clean then you will be charged a $60 fee to cover for their travel time and effort to reach you.
Dustbusters takes every precaution needed to ensure your keys and alarm codes are protected. The access information including keys are always in possession of the owners, except the day of your cleaning. After your cleaning, it is returned to our safe possession. We recommend that you create a new alarm code for our access, which can be erased at a time when you no longer require our services. In case of termination of services, we prefer to return the keys directly to the customer.
You may add, reschedule, skip or cancel any of your cleanings. We understand that unforeseen events may occur which will create a need for you to cancel your scheduled appointment. If for any reason you need to change your scheduled appointment, please contact us with at least 2 or more business days notice. Any rescheduling or cancellation within/less than 2 business days will cost you $40. In the event of an on-door cancellation, a $60 will be applied. If you wish to terminate our services we ask that you give us no fewer than 5 days verbal or written notice.
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