About Us

Dustbusters is a residential and commercial cleaning company known for its attention to detail.  Based in Prince George, British Columbia, born in 2000, the company has strived to provide quality cleaning services and complete satisfaction to its customers. Now under new management, the company aims to reach new highs by expanding its services and customer base in the region.


Prateek Bagolia, President:

"I have had rich experiences managing and directing businesses my whole life. Dustbusters is a venture that involves building on its already existing success. This business has been around for nearly two decades and is proud to be serving the thriving community of Prince George. I take it upon myself, very seriously, to grow this success and maintain the trust that the community has placed in Dustbusters."


Priyanka Bagolia, Business Manager:

 "I am a determined and free thinking person with a background in Marketing and PR.  I have always had a passion for cleaning and with Dustbusters, I found a way to live that passion and serve people with their cleaning needs at the same time. It has been an exciting experience, working with my husband to run and grow Dustbusters. As a team, we intend to continuously enhance and improve the cleaning experience for our customers."


Our staff

We hire and train people who have passion and integrity to do their jobs well. All of our employees are extensively trained.


Core Values

Quality- We believe in giving 100% to our clients when it comes to our services. We take quality very seriously and strive to give you the best.

Teamwork- We all work as a team, as a single unit and very importantly, we trust each other to perform and do our jobs well

Honesty – This is the primary value of our company. We believe in honesty as a core virtue as it's all about trust.

Reliability- We are reliable and there for you whenever you need us. We are just a phone call away to serve you.

Consistency- We believe in providing consistent service excellence.


"We care for our customers and our employees, as they are the foundation and building blocks of Dustbusters."



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